Wednesday, July 16, 2008

What a pretty flower in the middle of a green field.

Howdy all, this is going to be more the typical type of rant and rave. I have been taking a lot or pictures, however every time i make them into a slide show they seem to load very slowly. They will load the first then the second then go back to the first the second then the third will appear. It seems to be taking quite a while. So the new plan is to take down the previous weeks collection. BUT DO NT WORRY... all of my past photo's can be seen at . Feel free to print or whatever strait from there. also on this blog I will keep one slide show for the week posted.

RSS is available for my blog and my photobucket so you can get the latest max gossip. sex advice or whatever. anyway.. hope all is well! If you don't know what RSS is, it's basically a way of keeping track of when i update the site. I recommend everyone use it.. its really supperdooper!
ummm k? grreeeaattt!

anyway hope all is good in life.. remember keep smiling.. that way no one can ever said you have a shitty attitude! This week has been kind of slow. I called in sick to work on Tuesday, and I have to work on Sunday!!! ya.. hopefully i will be going somewhere cool on Saturday, only time will tell, and until it does. keep it real ..

Hope all is well and you love life!

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