Wednesday, July 15, 2009


My mother died today 6/15/2009 just before noon eastern time. This is just a way of remembering her.

My mother was an amazing person, I say a hero... a mother to my sister and myself, a strong wife, a passionate sister, and a loving daughter. Her inner strength, was what made her so great. it pushed her up mountains, over rivers, and down the road. most of the time with children or family in tow, on her back, or in a canoe with her. Her inner strength pushed her to get an education, to volunteer, and ultimately it was the reason she tried so hard to beat this horrible cancer.
She beat it once but the second round she just couldn't handle. That doesn't make her weak, it or a loser in the battle. She has always told me that its not over till its over. Her advice has always been the same. Stay strong, Stay smart, and do something for the people around you. She practiced this in her own life by getting an education and doing everything in her power, and I do mean everything, to make sure her children were educated. She Volunteered for many organizations, one that had given her the responsibility to make sure the state recognized the educational needs of under privileged children. one that allowed her to work with battered women, one that represented children in the court system. this selflessness is truly what she will be remembered for.
Cancer put an end to her amazing life. hat doesn't mean she's not watching us all. She would want us to go about doing the things we love doing. hiking, biking, skiing and living life to its fullest. Donating our time to the people we love and the people we don't yet know.
Growing up with her as a mom will always be an amazing memory. Weather laughing at Santa's village when we were younger or on the ski hill watching Courtney race. She always smiled. Even if it was 20 below outside. Some things have been passed down to court and Myself. Courtney got the amazing outgoing spirit, her sense of self and beauty. She gave me her wittiness, lack of cooking skills, and her adventurous personality. She taught us to walk, to talk, to be active, to love life and most of all she molded us into the people we are today. without her we simply wouldn't exist!
There is no easy way to say goodbye to someone we truly love so very much. She would love it if we all thought about others as much as others are currently are thinking about her. she would tell everyone here to love your children no matter what. Do all in your power to bring education to those who seek or need it. She would tell us Life's an adventure, Live it up! She would tell us to be strong, cure diseases of all types... kill cancer. She would tell us to show the world, and the neighborhood that you care. She would want us to live a passionate life. But most of all she would want everyone to know that she loved them very very much.