Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Do you have time for a mobile makeover?

Hello all,
This is the second blog I've written in a month! PLEASE PLEASE, NO, SIT DOWN, STOP APPLAUDING... i know I deserve metals and chocolates.. but lets be realistic.. It's like they say some times I blog other times I live my life! I'm not to sure who, if anyone, says that but i think its fitting... so I'm gonna say it.

I REALLY HAVE NOTHING NEW TO REPORT. so lets just say I love ice cream! all kinds well, as long as they are pure or homemade. Hopefully in the next little while i will seek out Wyoming's biggest ice cream cone.. why Wyoming? because i know where a place is.. 4 hours away but.. hopefully well worth it. its in a hikers blog that i read. so.. that's it.. hope all is well. love life.

Monday, June 1, 2009

The longest time ever!

hello all,
I know I know it has been a very long time.. get over it!!!! First and foremost congrats to Nika and Travis! That is amazing... Hope he brings as much joy to your family as his sister does!

On the topic of getting knocked up, my sister is el preggo! scary at first, but let it soak in... That's right you can call me uncle max.... well except for my friends that's just creepy! I'm still living in the lake of salt... anyone want to rescue me????

I've been dating matt for almost 7 months! I don't think i have ever blogged about him. so here is the low down. 5'10 inches short brown/bald head. 32 y/o athletic, loves the outdoors and all around great guy... look at my facebook you'll see all you need to know..

My mother's cancer is getting worse. She has been placed on hospice care, which basically stops all medical treatment. Currently she is living with my grandmother in New Hamsphire. I have visited twice in two months. Which believe it or not is a lot more then i have in the past few years. The Human spirit amazes me at the end of life. Its hard to see anyone in her condition but she makes the most of every day. 53 is too young to die.

sorry to end on such a somber note... but gotta end sometime. lol. hope all is well find me on the facebook.. Sadly I'm always on there also on the twitter but i hardly ever use it!