Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Do you have time for a mobile makeover?

Hello all,
This is the second blog I've written in a month! PLEASE PLEASE, NO, SIT DOWN, STOP APPLAUDING... i know I deserve metals and chocolates.. but lets be realistic.. It's like they say some times I blog other times I live my life! I'm not to sure who, if anyone, says that but i think its fitting... so I'm gonna say it.

I REALLY HAVE NOTHING NEW TO REPORT. so lets just say I love ice cream! all kinds well, as long as they are pure or homemade. Hopefully in the next little while i will seek out Wyoming's biggest ice cream cone.. why Wyoming? because i know where a place is.. 4 hours away but.. hopefully well worth it. its in a hikers blog that i read. so.. that's it.. hope all is well. love life.

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Lindz (Yankee Girl Designs) said...

Max send some ice cream to your favorite cousin man, hook me up, I'm growin' people!!!