Saturday, July 19, 2008


We all have to look at the world with a sence of humor... I have heard this many times since I moved to Salt Lake City.. (2 years and 2 months not that I'm counting.) But I think the reality is that UTAH can be way creepy! Some examples of this are... The fact that you can not get an ice cream cone on a sunday when it's over 100 degrees.. (Touchy subject. I broke down about two weeks ago and started swaring at innocent mormons, that were at a grocery store, my bad.. and I would love to thank the friend that just walked away from me while I was ranting in public! I would have done the same thing.) or like today...

I was walking to a coffee shop, and I came across a women in a full on FLDS attire. Now, if your not from Utah Arizona or Texas you problably have only seen pictures on your television of this... Let me tell you, when you see it in person it's a total shock. I men come on now, i'm all ofr religious expression but... its 100 degrees out and shes wearing long sleeve wool shirts, and a long dress that goes down below the ancles.. not to mention in a style that went out like 100 years ago.. SOMEBODY PLEASE CALL THE POLICE.. This landy is crazy.. I only wish i could find my new phone fast enough to grab a picture..

oh ya my new phone:
Incase you didnt get the memo... here goes.. I got a new phone (samsung instinct ON THE NOW NETWORK(SPRINT)) its pretty much a pimp in the form of a phone! tnternet, navigation, porn I mean the internet, MOVIES, ONDEMAND TV, live tv. radio.. i'm telling you highly recommended. anyway, text or leave a comment on here and i'll get you the number.. I know shocking I went away from a New Hampshire number... and it only took me 8 years after I left the state to do! baby steps...

More to come this week on the max blog: Relationship news, Getting older, and an EXCLUSIVE interview with Brittney Spears.. well maybe not! plus the new photos.
Hope all is well and you love life!

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