Thursday, July 3, 2008


The trip to spiral jetty was an amazing experience. 18 miles past the middle of nowhere. 4 wheeling over rocks bigger then my head. Dodging toxic waste dumps, passing wreckages from past plane crashes and truck rollovers. we truly had a life experience.

Scott, Tyler and myself were just three soles on earth for one moment of time. As the story goes this spiral jetty was made in the late 1960's. It sits at the tip of the great salt lake. an area that rarly gets visitors. 18 miles from golden spike national monument. The birthplace of trade from china, the location where the east and the west met each other via train in 1869.

The hippy who made this (the spiral jetty) spent two years creating this piece of environmental art. Just a few years after the completion the EPA told all artists to stop.. no environmental art has been created in this country, legally, since then.

After passing the golden spike monument you keep going.. the paved road ends... you keep going... the dirt road ends and turns into ruts... you keep going.. you drive 5-10 mph for 9.2 miles. then you park and hike in.

It really is quite amazing, the way the water around it is hot pink. some say its from the shrimp rine others say it's pollution.. either way its quite amazing. The way the salt from the lake morphs the rocks, is awe inspiring. The way the lake sits there, mountains in the distance. amazing..

Our trip was not without peral. We gave tyler the job of navigating... bad choice. He got us lost on the highway, then kept forgetting to tell us the next direction... hmmm.. we eventually got there. But walked about .75 of a mile out onto the wrong jetty.. a toxic waste dump. oil barrells strewn everywhere. kind of gross. we named this jetty the tyler jetty.. it was a great time..

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