Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The Headache from Hell!

Hi kids,
Today was rough.. I had a headache, The entire day.. I tried pills, didn't work. I tried taking a nap after work. Didn't work. I ate caffeine, took more medicine.. It didn't work. So now, I'm wide awake (thanks to the caffeine) over medicated, and pissed off. AAAHHHH i feel like I'm trapped in a spinning machine... and my head hurts... oh well, on the good side, Ryan seems to be trained and tomorrow will start on the 7 am schedule! This is good because I get to come in at 8!! woo hoo...I love hiring laid off people from competitor stations! The less training the better!
hope all is well love life and keep smiling!

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Nika Travis and Ayda said...

Hey, those headaches will just keep coming (warning). I hear you hired a lady to work the are you fully staffed now? I miss it. I watched a show on tv called making news, it is about a failing news room in savannah, it made me miss fox :)