Sunday, September 7, 2008


As some of you know first hand our economy is in the shitter. Inflation hit 5% this week, job growth is almost nonexistent depending on what part of the country you live in. The US Govt took over the two biggest mortgage companies in our country. The average wage increase this year was a little under 3 %. Which means the average American can not afford anything thanks to the 5% inflation. I'm truly wondering how you all are getting by? I mean I have cut spending in my personal budget. No pass to a particular ski area this year. ( I have a plan!! to be explained at a later time... mainly after the ski season when I can tell you if it worked or not!! cross your fingers!) Limited my driving have walked more this summer then in the past two years. But I'm wondering how people with kids, a mortgage, a limited income... how are you personally surviving? how do you make ends meet? what had to be cut?

I know that in the job sector that I work in TV and Technology. Massive layoffs have taken place in all areas of the country. In salt lake alone in the past 3 months two stations have laid off at least 30 people each. Which is HUGE.

I truly believe that if I were to get laid off I would move... and not just to another station here in the us. I would move to another country. I mean what is truly keeping me or for that matter anyone here in the us? the economy? not really. family? I don't think most of our families would mind if we moved to a different country. As long as we came back to see them every now and then.

Call me crazy but I really find it hard to swallow that our country has turned into an economic shit hole. For real. An economic disaster. We have banks failing, the government is now the proud owner of 60 % of the homes in America! What does that say about our political system. We hire people (politicians) who can't seem to figure out how to balance a budget. People who sell our debt to china. One of this countries biggest enemies. What are these idiots in Washington thinking???

Are WE that stupid? Sadly I think the answer is yes. So Its my plan to inform the public to get out. We are no longer the superpower. WE are no longer the melting pot. We are no longer the nation that people look up to for advice. We are now a group of uneducated, poor people who work for "the man." The man doesn't care if you can't afford your mortgage. The man doesn't care if you can not afford to feed you child. The man doesn't care if you get sick and die because you can't afford to go to a hospital.. The man just doesn't care. The system is set up so that he makes a profit and is happy. Not you! Not the average person! So I say get out. leave. find a new homeland. one that has leaders who know what they are doing. One that you can make money in. One that cares about you as an individual.. like Antarctica. Abandon ship and do it while you still can!

That's my rant for the week.
Hope all is well! Love life and keep smiling.

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