Wednesday, August 6, 2008

whacky week.

Hi all,
Great news! I'm getting high speed Internet at my apt!!! You all know what that means!!!!! Porn Porn Porn... wait a minute! no not, that... it means that I will have the ability to chat with you all and to blog much, much more.. that's right MORE MAX ALL AROUND!!!! I know. I'm excited too AND not just for the porn aspect! It only took me two years and three months to break down and get the Internet. Up till now I've been "BORROWING IT" from my unreliable neighbors connection or going to coffee shops..

So as of next Thursday (the 14th 7pm mst) I will have it in my house.. how excited am I? let me tell you!

I'm really not into the one sided conversation that is the blog. I wish it could be much more interactive. so change it up.. write a comment.
hope all is well and you love life!

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