Sunday, November 9, 2008


I realize that is has been a long long time.. sooo lets get up to speed! in September i had a lot of fun! a self centered gay man having fun.. what??? shocking I know. anyway, went to California for 4 days of fun and excitement! San Fran as well as Napa valley. Drinking and drinking.. and sightseeing.. and drinking! did i mention drinking? anyway. Had so much fun feel free to check out the clean pictures. They are on my photo bucket account. . The albums are on the left.. click slide show(upper right) looks better that way!
The last day I caught the Folsom Street fair... look it up when kids are out! Got a bunch of pictures about 200. When i tried to post them, I got a e-mail threatening to delete my entire account. so i pulled them down.. The good news is I have decided to make a DVD of this experience for the Christmas season! It will probably be the greatest and dirtiest DVD to ever come out of Utah!
I came back to slc for a week. I ended up getting sick. Very sick. So sick that I called in three days. But thanks to the fact that we are so short staffed I had to work two days. "But I got to get out two hours early each of the days i should have had off."
I got on a plane for new Hampshire and a week of vacation. Pictures on the photo bucket. It was great seeing everybody on the east coast.
Yesterday, I took yet another road trip to vernal.. pictures of real dino's .... go check them out they are amazing!
I hope to update this blog once a week.. so.. read up.. and keep viewing the pictures!

keep smiling and love life

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